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NEW Portable/Laboratory Density & Viscosity Meter HEAT VDM-300 HEAT

VDM-300 HEAT Features
- Direct density and viscosity measurement
- Automatic temperature compensation
- Rigorous factory calibration and testing
- Small and compact
- Maintenance free
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VDM-300 is a unique combination of Viscometer and Density meter. Resonance technology based on the changes of frequency of the sensitive element (resonant tube) in the measured liquid, allows to receive highly accurate dynamic viscosity measurements in seconds. The oscillation period of the resonant tube mainly depends on viscosity and density of the measured liquid. VDM-300 measures simultaneously dynamic viscosity and real density, to calculate kinematic viscosity of the sample.
Viscosity is a critical characteristic of large range of products, such as, fuel and lubricating oils. Viscosity monitoring is a way to prevent equipment`s damages, control fuel, lubricating oil and other liquids quality. Other words VDM-300 is the best way to protect your investment!
ISO 9001