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Portable/Laboratory Density meter DenDi

DenDi Features
- Reasonable price
- Accurate density measurements in seconds
- Wide measuring range
- Compact design
- Lesser sample volume
- Simple in operation
- Easy clean removable float
- IR data port
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New Di-series of digital density meters can replace all kinds of glass hydrometers in your laboratory.
It provides remarkable accuracy for a wide range of liquids and eliminates any subjective mistake due to data readings on LCD.
The compact device is maintenance free and simple in using: one-button control doesn't require proficient staff for its operating.
Calibration is realized by distilled water.
Versatile measurement formats of DenDi enable flexible reporting options:

Real Density (g/cm or kg/m ) or Specific Gravity or API Gravity;
Reduced Density to 15°C or 20°C or 60°F;
Temperature (°C or °F).

Observed results can be transferred to PC, pocket PC or miniprinter via built-in IR data port.
ISO 9001